High-rel industrial and aerospace RAM is non-volatile

Lanka 2021-05-17

“The new generation of devices are qualified for QML-Q and high-reliability industrial specifications to support non-volatile code storage and data-logging in harsh environments, including aerospace and industrial applications,” according to the company. “Both 5V and 3V versions support boot code, data logging and calibration data storage for aerospace, communications and navigation systems, in addition to industrial furnaces and railroad control systems.”

The devices are:

  • 256kbit STK14C88C (32k x 8)
  • 1Mbit STK14CA8C (128k x 8)

They are qualified in 32pin through-hole dual in-line ceramic packages for MIL-PRF-38535 QML-Q specifications (-55°C to 125°C) and for Infineon’s industrial standards (-40°C to 85°C).

For system-in-package applications, the memories can be bought in wafer form.

Inside, the charge trap memories combines SRAM with SONOS non-volatile storage.

Under normal operating conditions, the parts act similarly to a conventional asynchronous SRAM.

In the event of a power failure, a copy of the SRAM data is automatically saved into non-volatile memory, where the data is protected for over 20 years, said Infineon, adding that it has shipped more than two billion SONOS-based embedded or stand-alone memories – non-volatile RAMs were acquired by Infineon when it bought Cypress.