15W Multi-Coil Wireless Power Transmitter

Lanka 2022-08-04

The 15W Multi-Coil Wireless Power Transmitter Reference Design utilizes a dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controller (DSC). The flexible software architecture of this DSC enables an efficient solution with reliable Foreign Object Detection (FOD). This automotive-grade reference design supports proprietary fast-charging schemes and includes crypto authentication to support the Qi 1.3 standard. The design includes the dsPIC33 DSC, the ECC608 TrustFLEX WPC or Trust Anchor TA100 secure storage subsystem that we provision as a licensed Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Manufacturer Certificate Authority (CA) and other components shown in the block diagram below for a total system design. We provide you with design files and software source code under the appropriate terms and conditions for a seamless design and first-pass success.

Key features of the Wireless Power Transmitter

  • 15W Three Coil Transmitter
  • Power-loss and Q-Based based Foreign Object Detection
  • Transmitter based on fixed frequency topology control
  • Front-end Buck-Boost Control managed by MCU that manages wireless power
  • CAN-FD hardware/software for easy integration into the automotive environment
  • Ability to integrate NFC for card detection/protection and out of band communication
  • LED bank for power level indication, and power transfer status indication

Key features of the dsPIC® Microcontroller

  • 100 MHz dual-core DSP high-speed ADCs/PGAs provide the performance and flexibility needed to optimize the transmitter efficiency
  • 250 ps PWM resolution and 12-bit 3.5 Msps ADCs enable effective FOD implementation
  • Multiple PWM channels help control the transmitter inverter stage, front-end buck-boost converter even a fan for cooling
  • Integrated UART /SPI /I2C /CAN-FD communication allows for integration of the NFC transceiver, Crypto Authentication Device, CAN Transceiver, and other modules
  • Integration of buck-boost control and NFC software eliminates the need for external controllers for lower system cost
  • Small form factor, low pin-count uQFN, SSOP, QFN, and TQFP packages for space-constrained designs