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LCD1602 LCD display with backlight pin

Manufacturers: Lanka Micro
Product Category: Modules
Data Sheet: LCD1602 LCD display with backlight pin
Description: LCD1602 LCD display Blue on White DC5V with backlight pin
RoHS status: RoHS Compliant

The 1602 uses a standard 16-pin interface, where:
Pin 1: VSS is ground power
Pin 2: VDD is connected to 5V positive power
Pin 3: V0 is the contrast adjustment terminal of the liquid crystal display. When the positive power supply is connected, the contrast is the weakest. When the power supply is grounded, the contrast is the highest. When the contrast is too high, “ghosting” occurs. When using it, a 10K potentiometer can be used to adjust the contrast.
Pin 4: RS is the register selection. Select the data register at high level and select the instruction register at low level.
Pin 5: R/W is the read/write signal line, read operation is performed at high level, and write operation is performed at low level. When RS and RW are both at a low level, an instruction or display address can be written. When RS is low and RW is high, a busy signal can be read. When RS is high, RW is low, data can be written.
Pin 6: The E-side is the enable end. When the E-side transitions from high to low, the LCD module executes the command.
7th to 14th feet: D0~D7 are 8-bit bidirectional data lines.
15th foot: backlight positive power supply
16th foot: backlight power negative
The 1602 liquid crystal module internal character generator memory (CGROM) has stored 160 different dot matrix character patterns, as shown in Table 1, these characters are: Arabic numerals, English capitals, common symbols, and Japanese pseudonyms, etc. Each character has a fixed code. For example, if the capital letter “A” is 01000001B (41H), the module displays the dot character pattern in address 41H, and we can see the letter “A”. ".  

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